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Goose Down

We use high quality 90% goose down for all down jackets.  By wearing Chateau Chaleur’s down wears, it feels as if you are being hugged by your loved one, extremely warm and sweet.

Down vs Feather:

  • Down lies beneath this protective covering – usually on the belly of a bird - and is light and fluffy.  A down cluster has a round center called a plumule.  Soft and airy, it features thousands of tiny fibers that radiate from its core. 
  • Feather are the outer covering of the bird. They have quills, repel water, and are harder and heavier.

Goose Down vs Duck Down:

  • Goose clusters are generally larger than duck clusters.  As a result, their down tends to produce higher fill powers, be more resilient and durable than duck down.
  • Because a duck’s diet is usually more diverse (a goose only eats grass), goose down also tends to have fewer odor problems than duck.