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membership club

CHATEAUCHALEUR ‘s membership club offers you a renowned ultimate shopping experience.As a member of CHATEAU CHALEUR Membership Club, you can enjoy special benefitsat our stores in Hong Kong, as well as our official online store. The highermembership tier you are, the more privileges you can enjoy.

Joinnow to enjoy the exclusive shopping experience at CHATEAU CHALEUR !

Spending upon HK$8,000 (Net)within 12 consecutive months, you will be invited to become our DIAMOND member.


l  15% OFFon regular-priced items

l  ExclusiveBirthday offers

l  Get 1bonus point for every $1 spending; Redeem HK$100 rebate upon any 5,000 bonuspoints

l  Freedelivery services for online shopping

l  Receivelatest news & promotion

l  Membershipvalid forever


Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of CHATEAUCHALEUR Membership Club for more details



UpdatedNovember 2020

Thepresent terms and conditions (the “T&C”) govern the CHATEAU CHALEURMembership Club offered to the customers of the CHATEAU CHALEUR stores locatedin Hong Kong and to the users of the CHATEAU CHALEUR website https://www.chateauchaleur.com (the “Website”).

TheCHATEAU CHALEUR Membership Club is also subject to our Personal InformationCollection Policy accessible by referring it for more details.

Byjoining the CHATEAU CHALEUR Membership Club, whether in an CHATEAU CHALEURStore or on the Website, and thereafter by being a member of the CHATEAUCHALEUR Membership Club, you agree to the provisions of the present T&C andacknowledge that we reserve the right to amend them from time to time withoutnotice. We therefore recommend you to check the content of these T&Cregularly.

Youhave the possibility at any time to quit the CHATEAU CHALEUR Membership Club bycontacting our Customer Service. We also reserve the right to terminate the CHATEAUCHALEUR Membership Club anytime.

1.       There are 2 membership tiers in the Chateau Chaleur Membership Club, namely PLATINUM andDIAMOND, as further described in the online Chateau Chaleur Membership Clubleaflet (the “Online Leaflet”) , which forms an integral part of theseT&C.

2.       For the purpose of these T&C, the term “ReferenceYear” (if applicable)  shall mean anytwelve (12) month period from 1st January of one year to 31st December of the sameyear.

3.       The initial membership period for eachmembership tier is as follows:

l  DIAMOND – valid forever.

4.       The accumulate spending is calculated basedon net payment after deductions of any discount, coupons or rebates; any use ofgift vouchers will not be counted as well.

5.       DIAMOND members are entitled to enjoy a BonusPoints Scheme (the “Bonus Points Scheme”) starting from the nextpurchase after becoming a DIAMOND member.

6.       As part of such Bonus Points Scheme, everyHK$1 (net payment after deductions of discount, points redemption, giftvouchers and/or any other coupons/rebates) spent in an Chateau Chaleur Store oron the Website can be converted into 1 Bonus Point (the “BonusPoint(s)”).

7.       DIAMOND members are required to provide tothe sales staff their registered name and mobile phone number before issuanceof the sales memo/receipt in order to earn Bonus Points.

8.       Every 5,000 Bonus Points earned can beredeemed for HK$100 (effective from 7st November 2020) as a cash rebatededucted from the payment of a single sales ticket transaction made in an ChateauChaleur Store.

9.       Any error found on Bonus Points status(points used, points earned and/or points balance) as appearing on a salesmemo/receipt shall be reported to our Customer Service or to the sales staff ofany Chateau Chaleur Store within fourteen (14) days after the date of therelated purchase, otherwise such Bonus Points status is deemed to be agreed infull and can no longer be challenged.

10.     EachBonus Point earned is valid for a period starting from the date of thecorresponding purchase until the end of the second Reference Year following theReference Year during which the corresponding purchase was made; for example, aBonus Point earned with respect to a purchase made on 7th November2020 is valid until 31st December 2021. Each Bonus Point will be automaticallylapsed upon its respective expiry date or upon DIAMOND membership expiry.

11.     Anyunused Bonus Points upon membership expiry will be automatically lapsed.

12.     Incase of Bonus Points earned from a transaction which is subsequently cancelledor reversed for whatever reasons, the associated Bonus Points will beautomatically cancelled or reversed at the same time.

13.     TheBonus Points cannot be exchanged for cash, other gifts or privileges.

14.     Birthdayoffers is valid for DIAMOND members only. We expressly reserve the right tochange the birthday offer at any time without prior notice.

15.     Anypurchases/transactions made during the Privilege Days, are not applicable toand within the Chateau Chaleur Membership Club including, without limitation,the Bonus Points Scheme.

16.     TheChateau Chaleur membership and the Bonus Points are strictly personal andnon-transferable to anyone including, without limitation, any member ofwhichever tier. Consequently, in order to enjoy members’ privileges (including,without limitation, birthday offers), members are required to provide to thesales staff, at any purchases/transactions, their registered name and mobilenumber. We expressly reserve the right, at our own discretion and for identityverifications purposes only, to require members to present a physical and valididentification document in-store (either a national identity card or apassport), it being specified that any other type of identification documentpresented to the sales staff may be accepted or rejected, at our owndiscretion. Please note that through this verification, we only check members’identity without collecting or recording members’ data contained in theidentification documents.

17.     Members’information such as name, membership number, Bonus Points balance as appearingon a sales memo/receipt is valid only if it complies with our own records.

18.     Membersare responsible for updating their personal information whenever there is achange, in accordance with our Personal Information Collection Policyaccessible by referring it for more details.

19.     TheChateau Chaleur Membership Club is a program which shall only be used by itsmembers and aiming at providing benefits and privileges only to such members,based on their purchases made at the Chateau Chaleur stores and on the Website,provided however that the members fully comply with the T&C and adopt aloyal behaviour by making a fair use of their memberships. In this respect, weexpressly reserve the right to reject any transaction, cancel your Bonus Points(if applicable), as well as to deactivate and delete your membership withoutincurring any liability of any kind if any of the following events occurs,without this list being exhaustive: (i) any breach of the T&C; (ii) anyfraudulent use of your membership by yourself or by any third party acting onyour behalf (including, without limitation, the distribution, the sale, theassignment or the sharing of your membership information and/or thebenefits/privileges thereof to any third party in order to allow such party touse or take advantage of your membership, etc.); (iii) any action that intendsto disrupt the Chateau Chaleur Membership Club, the Website or any ChateauChaleur Store; (iv) any abnormally high number of transactions carried out in thesame day or over several days.

20.     TheChateau Chaleur Customer Service can be contacted:
- via email at: info@masterseam.com.hk.;
- via the “
Contact Us” page section on theWebsite; or
- via phone/whatsapp at +852-68027748, from Monday to Friday (excluding publicholidays in Hong Kong), between 10am and 6pm.

21.     Incase of disputes as to the interpretation or implementation of these T&C,we reserve the right for final and conclusive decision.

22.     TheseT&C are made in the English language. In the event these T&C are alsopublished in another language and there is any inconsistency or discrepancy,the English version shall prevail.

23.        These T&C shall be subject to the laws ofthe Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the courts of the Hong KongSpecial Administrative Region shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction in relationthereof.