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Payment Method

The following methods of payment areaccepted by CHATEAU CHALEUR :         




We accept PayPal. PayPal is an all-in-onepayment solution, which allows customers to accept credit cards and PayPalaccount balances. Please note that a PayPal account is not required when youmake a credit card payment under PayPal.                                                                                                  

When providing credit card information, youmust be the registered cardholder or have permission from them before atransaction is made.                                                                                                      

We do not accept personal cheques, moneyorders or direct bank transfers. Once you place an order, your PayPal accountbalance will be deducted.                                                                                                     

PayPal is famous for the strict securitymeasures that it implements on all transactions and is one of the leadingpayment systems where fraud prevention is concerned. With PayPal, you’reprotected from checkout to delivery. Please visit www.paypal.com for moreinformation.                                                                                                 






1. All customers are required to registeredas CHATEAU CHALEUR member before purchasing our products.                                                                                                   

2. Order Confirmation                                                                                                   

If the payment is approved, it willautomatically direct you back to our site and you will receive an orderconfirmation via your provided email.  Ifyou do not receive your order confirmation email in your Inbox, please checkyour Spam folder.                                                                                                     

3. If you have any difficulties whenplacing an order and did not receive any email regarding order confirmation,please go to Contact us, our Customer Service team is on hand to support duringour Business Hours.                                                                                                     




1. Published prices and final invoices arein Hong Kong Dollars (HKD). Final credit card and PayPal debited amounts mayvary based on currency fluctuations and bank commissions.                                                                                                


2. CHATEAU CHALEUR encourages clients tocontact their home bank to receive the accurate price conversion and any bank   commissions related to the transaction.                                                                                                     

3. Please make sure your bank card hasenabled the online payment function.                                                                                                  

4. Items will not be shipped until thetransaction has been cleared.                                                                                                   

5. All payment forms are subject to bankverification and review by CHATEAU CHALEUR. We reserve the right to refuse toprocess any transaction due to unauthorized or suspected fraud or illegalactivity.                                                                                                

6. Declined Payment                                                                                                      

If your payment has been declined,unfortunately we are not able to reinstate your original order. In this caseyou will need to place your order again.                       

There are a few reasons that makes thesituation happened:                                      

- Incorrect card details                                                                                                   

- Incorrect security code                                                                                                

- Your card issuer may have declined yourpayment                                                                                                     

For credit card problems, please contactyour bank for assistance, or you may contact our Customer Care team as we willtry to resolve it as we can.